Hello everyone! Interested in knowing a little bit more about this site? Well, read on! ^_^


Ero-Mania is owned and drifted by me (Vanja, a female hentai and adult toon artist from Norway). "Ero-Mania" first existed as an erotic comic anthology published in my home country through my comic publishing firm "Wildside Comix", and it achieved national distribution and could be bought from the comic shelves. I also managed to get quite an amount of publicity...after all, porn comics in little Norway wasn't a common thing. Here, you can see when a norwegian newspaper wrote about the first issue of Ero-Mania (the kitty on the front is from the "Here, Kitty" comic available inside the members area, and the page shown inside is from the first number of the "Lil' Honey" comic series which you can also read inside the members area (and yes, that photo down in the corner is me ^_^)




However, as many of us know, the comic industry is a bitch, and just covering the costs of printing became impossible. After some years of trying and failing, I decided to convert Ero-Mania to a paysite online instead...and thus, Ero-Mania opened as an online paysite in 2009 ^_^


Over those years, I have been able to bring along more artists on the team, including my boyfriend Tomte. And aside from just pics and comics, I also create animations, movies and games for the site (and some of the guest artists do that too, like Tempy, who occasionally also creates some games and movies for the site).


I hope Ero-Mania will continue to grow, and that you will enoy what I and the guest artists are able to offer. I also have a personal

website which you can visit for some extra art:




~Love, Vanja